On April Fools, 2013 Randell Munroe posted the Externalities comic. Different parts of the comic were affected by different externalities around the internet such as a Wikipedia donations page. One externality was a hashing competition hosted on the site. Randell hashed an unknown input using Skein-1024 v1.3 and posted the hash's hex output to the site. This is the output he posted:


For now, this is that site recreated. Give a username and a value above and it will be hashed and scored along with everybody elses attempts. Your score is your Hamming distance which is how many bits of your hash's output are different than Randell's. Like golf, lower scores are better. Keep trying new hash inputs to produce a better score. You can submit as much as you like and only your lowest score is kept.

Leaderboards can be viewed here.